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I Fought Comcast and Almost Won

Comcast has a bug involving their online customer portal and financial back-office that results in customers who enroll in Ecobill receiving no bill whatsoever.  It’s documented all over their forums 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.  I experienced this bug, and once I discovered there wasn’t a quick fix, I thought I’d try […]

In Boston Mayoral Race, Voter Turnout by Ward Different from Preliminary Election

Today, President of MassINC Polling Group Steve Koczela posted a graphic of voter turnout by Ward for the Boston Mayoral election.  The tweet is copied below.  Note that the turnout is up significantly in many wards, compared to turnout in the preliminary elections.  There are about 372,000 registered voters in Boston.  The wards are laid […]

On the Future of Team Racing

Yesterday Stanford University assistant sailing coach Clinton Hayes claimed that American team racing needs a new dinghy, more spectator participation and innovation in his piece The Future of Team Racing.  He writes: “One reason why people love team racing is because you don’t have to own a boat. They have the time of their lives […]

Big Boi at Paradise Lounge

Last night I witnessed an amazing show by Big Boi with performances by Killer Mike, Sleepy Brown, Real T@lk and Renegade El Ray.  My ears are still ringing.  The set list was sick.  The energy, particularly from Killer Mike, was unreal. If you’re still saying “um, what?” you need some Hip-hop edumacation and I advise […]